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sticky post got pinned on top

Sticky Post Got Pinned On Top


Tristique Lorem Sodales Nec curabitur. Suspendisse aptent libero. Libero sed sapien consectetuer, adipiscing Quam egestas lectus. Egestas ut tristique facilisi suscipit eros dignissim luctus. Parturi…

html <figure> and <figcaption>

HTML <figure> and <figcaption>


This is a figcaption inside figure element. To insert image with figcaption inside figure tag, it looks like you have to understand this html tag in the first place, and inserting the tag in source c…

block of code

Block of Code


Example of inline code $lead-font-size: $font-size-base * 1.25; inside paragraph. Use <pre> for multiple lines of code, example: body { margin: 0; // 1 font-family: var(--#{$prefix}body-font…

responsive font size

Responsive Font Size


Headings and displays font size will automatically adjusted based on screen size or screen orientation. Nice feature, isn't it? Click menu Responsive to see it in action.…

how to replace default thumbnail image?

How To Replace Default Thumbnail Image?


Celestia Bludit theme comes with default thumbnail image that will be used as replacement if a post doesn't have cover image. If you want to change the default thumbnail image, go to celestia theme di…

bootstrap accordion

Bootstrap Accordion


This is an example of accordion. Check Bootstrap documentation for more info. Magnis maecenas etiam inceptos vel iaculis consequat montes nonummy parturient, viverra. Netus habitasse ligula. Rutrum fe…